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Hello, my name is Thiago Pinhas, and I have been a photographer since 2013. For some time, I worked in events, photojournalism, and portraits. However, about 7 years ago, I shifted my focus to the world of tattooing and set photography aside. Over the years, I have gained extensive experience and knowledge in the tattoo industry. During this time, I noticed a lack of high-quality visual content for both tattoo artists and professionals in other fields. That's why I decided to utilize my photography and videography expertise to create a fresh approach, producing captivating videos that engage viewers.

I have always believed that an image speaks volumes beyond words. No matter how skilled or talented you are as an artist or professional, without cultivating a strong visual presence, you may struggle to make a lasting impression. That's why I invite you to explore my portfolio and discuss how we can enhance your image on social media and convert it into new clients.

I am dedicated to helping you convey your image in a compelling and professional manner. Let's collaborate to showcase your skills and attract more opportunities.

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